Here is a selection of my past work: commissioned or otherwise sold.

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From top left:

  • Small head, one of a series of 9, from The Casting Out (cement fondue).
  • Post Retirement (detail).
  • Head of an Italian Dancer (cement fondue)
  • Ash Key (ash wood, resin)
  • Naxos Marble 3 (marble)
  • Palaeochora (limestone and found wood, No 4 of Landscape series)
  • Dryad (cement fondue)
  • Mr Croc (mixed media)
  • Mother and Child (Portland stone)
  • Caryatid (shown in Jesmonite, also in bronze and bronze resin)
  • Monty (labrador, bronze)
  • Harry (cat, bronze)
  • 2 Pointers (bronze)
  • Two Hearts (golden wedding present, gilded pewter)
  • Dancers (shown in Jesmonite, also available in bronze)
  • Standing Stone 3 (cement)
  • Moon and Tides (marble)
  • Snail Temple (limestone, gilded snail shell)
  • Clasped Hands (bronze resin)
  • Whippet (bronze)
  • Head of a woman (plaster)
  • Ray (shown in clay)
  • Dave (bronze)
  • Cupped hands (alabaster)
  • Walking man (cement)

Work for public exhibition only:

16 Million (WW1 commemorative book)

The Casting Out (Tableau about Bath Leper Hospital)

Templates of the Brain



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