Martin Elphick

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Transitional Figures. Ceramic.

Transitional Vessels. Ceramic.

Transitional Objects

Ambition, 2020. Mixed Media: Walnut, resin, etc. L 1 metre

The Commondance (Winner of the Visitors Vote for the Royal Commonwealth Society, 2020)



Woman Rising (2019)

IMGP3259 (1)

Pangbourne Project (2019)

IMGP3163 (1)

Hand Bowl (2019)

Seed at AHG (1)

The Seed of Yggdrasil (2015)

E and E Unlim

Seated Male Figure (2019)

5 Masks

Five Coloured Masks (2019)


My sculptures start with an idea, image or spatial feeling that I want to convey. In the making I become absorbed by the qualities of the materials and processes. I make each piece as an individual object, or in relation to the group or space it is intended for. At present I am concentrating on making new work, rather than exhibiting, but please feel free to contact me if you are interested in having something made. I am based near Bath, UK.




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