I am based in the UK , near to the city of Bath. As you will see I make a variety of work, both abstract and figurative and in different media. Please choose one of the following sections or scroll down to see some examples, and projects for public display:

Contact – martinelphick1@icloud.com (or sculptureloop@gmail.com for the Cotswold Sculptors Association)


Click here to see more of my recent work…





here to see more¬†work for sale…





or here to see a selection of past work.





Also here is some public exhibition work:

16M open on stand

’16 Million’ project. A book of 16 million dots, commemorating the First World War.

Currently on display at Bath Abbey until Remembrance Day.




‘Templates of the Brain’. A box of transparent sheets, representing a variety of schools of thought and their differing approaches to the mind and brain.


IMG_2445 (1)

The Casting Out’. A tableau of figures showing the responses of a small community to a medieval ‘leper’ (the dynamics of social exclusion).


Background and exhibitions

Contact: martinelphick1@icloud.com

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