Recent work

IMGP3195 (1)

Woman Rising. Bronze. Height 78cm. For sale.

IMGP3163 (1)

Hand Bowl (2019). Bronze. Length 40 cm approx. For sale.

alabaster flower

Alabaster Flower (alabaster) 2019. Sold.

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The Couple (2017): Marble and oak figures on tulip wood. Height 60 cm, width 101cm, depth 60cm.


Three Landscapes (2019) Stone and wood.

5 Masks

Five coloured masks (2019) Guache and gilding on Jesmonite.

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Wind and the Sea (2017): Bronze on stone base. Height 65cm approx. Winner of the Bath Society of Artists’ sculpture prize.


The Seed of Yggdrasil (2016): Bronze on limestone. Height 2 metres approx. Sold.


Naxos Marble 1. Height 40 cm approx. For Sale.

Caryatids (after A Modigliani) 2017 – 2019. Bronze. Edition of 10 (framed) open.

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