’16 Million’

’16 Million’ is a single-copy book, a memorial to all of those who died as a result of the First World War.

The preface reads:

‘Over  16  million  people,  including  civilians,  are  said  to  have  died  as  a  result  of  the  First  World  War

In  this  book  of  commemoration  each  person  has  their  own  mark

The  book  has  800  pages  on  which  are  printed  just  over  16,000,000  dots  as  a  memorial  to  all  of  the  people   who  lost  their  lives

Choose  any  dot:  each  is  the  story  of  a  lifetime’

The book has been displayed in exhibitions, libraries, in poetry meetings and a gallery. It has proved to be a very effective way of visualising such a large number, so the impact has been powerful.

Please let me know if you would like to borrow it. It is robustly bound (by ‘Bristol Bound’ Ltd) and generally displayed open, with a copy of the preface nearby, so that people can turn the pages. Comments collected from each venue are recorded here.

16 Million book on its wooden stand. Each page has over 20,000 dots.

16M closed on stand16M open on stand16M page with dots

At BANES 'WW1 Remembered'

At BANES ‘WW1 Remembered’

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